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computer science and middle eastern studies. i'm a proud cancer. read about me, ask me, or read my blog.

I’d like to travel back to when the Summer of Love seemed about to re-write all the rules forever. Ideally, I’d wake in some cedarwood pavilion in Old Kyoto, where the maple trees reflect on the tranquil morning lake, but almost immediately I’d have to dress, go out and attend a secret espionage meeting; If I thought about it, I really need to go traveling much more than I do, with no strings, no visas, just the freedom to move and get away whenever I want, and sometimes I wish numbers would add themselves up. I’d like to possess a super-weapon that can deflect any attack, and it would be amazing to see the fluid lines, the brilliant motility of Frank Gehry’s buildings in Bilbao, New York and LA. Pets? A friendly pig would be something of a conversation piece, and you can tell how clean and intelligent they are. Finally, I’d like to throw a party with a bit of South American carnival in it, and maybe I’d invite an angel along, to bring a blessing on everyone there. My wishes.